Crossfit Gloves Analysis

Crossfit Gloves: What are they?
[Updated: December 11, 2014]

With the recent popularity in the sport of Crossfit many people that participate in movements that cause extreme friction in the hands. Almost any one from beginners to professional games athletes have experienced a rip to bursting bloody hands. Luckily, there are gloves out there that help protect and minimize the possibility of ending up with bloody hands. Many have asked. What are the best Crossfit Gloves? We have done the digging and searched for the best Crossfit Gloves in the Market. Out of many gloves in the marketplace the choice was difficult, to find glove we can call Crossfit gloves that preform well for the demands of Crossfit. We came across nine gloves that work and summarize the good the bad and the ugly and ranked them in terms of value, comfort, protection, durability and overall use.


**(The Winner)**

The StrongerRx RTG Gloves

Crossfit Gloves

The StrongerRx RTG Glove took the number one spot in terms of value, comfort, style, durability and performance. We have seen this brand come out in popularity within the Crossfit community and we have been eyeing this glove for sometime. This not only has it had excellent reviews by many users; most users have claimed they cannot exercise without them. The StrongerRx RTG Gloves comes in it’s Elite Series and Competition Edition which added a different stitching for even more durability. This glove takes the winner category. Versatile material to preform almost every movement you give it. The StrongerRx RTG Gloves is also known for a comfortable fit as it delivers performance for any demanding WOD. Another factor that gives a good boost for the StrongerRx’s RTG Gloves is the fact that it comes in three colors, Black, Yellow and Pink for the ladies of CrossFit out there. You can find the StrongerRx RTG Gloves in many retail shops or you can visit their website at (As of Dec 1st 2014 StrongerRx has come out with a new 3.0 Glove in which we have yet to review).


(Rank 2)

The Reebok Crossfit Glove

The Reebok Crossfit Glove

The Reebok CrossFit Glove takes the number 2 spot.  They perform nicely for certain grips and feel very comfortable for use during the workouts. Aside from the big name it carries, this pair of gloves really delivers in terms of protection and comfort. This glove is used by many of the top athletes in the Crossfit Games. But, as we found out Rebook provides them the items for free during the games. As they do perform well for the given sport many users have commented they are really nothing more than glorified batting gloves due to the light leather is carries on the palm. Yet many other users have commented it has protected their hands and assisted in performing hand intensive movements during a WOD. The Rebbock Crossfit Glove can be found at


(Rank 3)

Under Armor Nitro Gloves

 Under Armor Nitro Gloves

Under Armor Nitro Gloves takes the number three spot. These gloves are built to take a beating. Yet they can perform well in Crossfit exercises. Many users have commented the glove would be better suited for baseball or football yet many people still love it for CrossFit. Given the fact the glove is a bit bulky in grip and can cause additional space in grip resulting in the user fighting for grip in pullups. For bar work or lifts this glove feels and performs great and protects the hand fairly well. Having to lift or WoD with damaged hands is of course out of the question with this pair. The pair of gloves comes in the color red , the perfect color to represent rage and intensity. Under Armor Nitro Gloves can be found at


(Rank 4)

Rebook VR6000 Gloves

Rebook VR6000 Gloves

Rebook VR6000 Gloves: CrossFit known for its diversity and as well as the intensity it has to offer in the world of sports.  Just like any other sport, it is most preferred to have the appropriate gear that would help you perform optimally. The VR600 CrossFit Games Glove from Reebok  that promises not only protecting your hands from getting ripped but also enhances repetitions and overall performance.

It is without a doubt that Reebok has played and continue to play a huge role in the context of CrossFit, The pair of gloves delivers seamless palm technology which utilizes world class cabretta leather. Cabretta leather provides breathable texture as well as a repellant to moisture which provides comfort for the user. As tried and tested, the Reebok VR600 helps protect the hands to some extent.  When put into the test in doing pull ups, kips and rope climbs, the gloves did give some level of protection but not to what it was expected of. A decent pair of gloves that may be used for the everyday WoD but not the perfect pair of gloves that we would personally recommend for the avid CrossFitter. Other pairs of gloves that are made for CrossFit should be taken into consideration before settling with Reebok’s VR6000. You could check the gloves out for yourself and let us know what you think.


(Rank 5)

Bionic Gloves

Bionic Gloves

Bionic Gloves took the number 5 spot. While performing as expected the glove had a great feel and delivered quite respectable results. Downside was excessive sweat made the glove a bit slippery on the inside during a hot and extensive WOD preventing full grip on bars. The material was strong and versatile yet padding on the grips, which was supposedly added for extra protection made it real difficult to obtain a natural grip after a while of use. In other reviews, we have read that the Bionic Gloves does not give out that comfortable hugging fit to the wrist during movements. Anyone interested to give this pair a good testing on the bars could get them from


(Rank 6)

The Nike Alpha Structure Lifting Glove


THE NIKE ALPHA STRUCTURE LIFTING GLOVES dominates 6th place in our books. We know Nike as one of the pioneering brands in the sports department, not only that, Nike is also popular for its quality and great looking products. Although, with the Nike Alpha Structure Lifting gloves look just like any other lifting gloves with a check on them, if you ask us. The gloves are well snug and feels great when worn. The fabric on the gloves are well crafted as to serve protection to the hands, mainly the palm area. Here’s the verdict, if you’re a person who loves hitting the gym and work on some sets of presses and curls, then this pair would definitely be a good workout partner for you.

But if you are the person who would take frequent visits to the local box and hit a couple of kips, pullups and even muscle ups, then you would be better off with a different pair. In one review, the material used in the Nike Alpha Structure Lifting Gloves would, in time, tear and expose the inner layer – when used regularly of course. You can easily grab a pair from and experience the pros and cons yourself.


(Rank 7)

Mechanix Gloves


Mechanix Gloves: built for racing and hardcore construction activities the glove preforms somewhat well in crossfit. This company builds gloves built for heavy workmanship. Your hands feel safe in heavy movements such as sledgehammer work and tire flips yet it lacks the proper grip and protection on many bars. It is important to know that unlike racing, the sport of CrossFit demands full range motions of the body which the Mechanix Gloves preform adequately. Furthermore, many users have reported the lack of protection the gloves deliver in some cases. Torn hands would still be a probably result from using this pair in some cases which brings the ranking lower in our scale.


(Rank 8)

  Gorilla Grips


Gorilla Grips: Don’t let the looks fool you. Despite it’s simplicity in terms of design, the Gorilla-Grips, a product and at the same time a brand on its own, promises its users a farewell to sweaty palms, calluses, slippage, and basically anything that restrains the everyday athlete from getting the best out of each workout. The Gorilla-Grips, brands itself as an “all-around” workout partner, regardless of the sport – may it be mountain biking, weight-lifting , or kettlebell training. For those CrossFit enthusiast out there, you may ask “does the Gorilla-Grips suitable for CrossFit as well?”.   Yes, tried and tested from our end, this pair of grips may be best recommended for lifting kettlebells or even doing a couple reps of pull-ups, but for WoDing – that’s a whole different story, hence, placing itself in the near bottom position in our charts. Being a pair of grips and not a pair of gloves, comfort is definitely out of the question. Comparing it to one of the better pairs of CrossFit hand wears . You can get a pair from


(Rank 9)

HarbingerPro WristWrap Gloves 


HarbingerPro WristWrap Gloves more suited for a traditional gym product this gloves perform very well in isolation exercises with bar work such as the bench press. They protect the hands of many users but in Crossfit this gloves falls short to perform in the dynamic nature of the movement found in Crossfit. Your hands may be protected from scratches and harsh friction against the bar, but it wont protect you from ending up with hand fatigue due to the excess padding. This particular pair may be used in the normal lifting motions but you may want to reconsider a pair that is really meant for the intensity of CrossFit. Overall use as a Crossfit Glove is adequate.

Disclaimer: Rankings are determined from sampling and surveys of over 2500 Crossfit Athletes. Each Glove was personally tested by the staff of the glove review team over a 5 month period. CrossFit® is an exercise program owned by CrossFit Inc. The CrossFit trademark is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. The Glove Review is not affiliated with the CrossFit trademark and does not sell merchandise or any that carries the Crossfit Brand. They do not sponsor our reviews nor are endorsed by CrossFit, Inc or any of its subsidiaries including CrossFit Journal, CrossFit Kids or the CrossFit Games.
Crossfit Gloves

Dangers Of Ripping Your Hands In Crossfit Workouts

Dangers Of Ripping Your Hands In Crossfit Workouts

As you gear up to complete the many coming WOD’s that you are planning, it’s important to consider your safety and comfort.  Too many Crossfit athletes simply choose to grin and bare it, putting up with far more pain than they really need to be.  Not only that, many don’t even realize some of the negative consequences that can come from not protecting their hands using a high quality pair of Crossfit gloves.

Some think that not using gloves will ‘toughen them up’, when really, all it’s likely to do is sideline them and prevent optimal performance.

Want more information as to why you should be wearing Crossfit gloves? Here is something to consider.


You’re Creating An Entry Way For Bacteria

You take care to wash your hands after each time you go to the washroom and to not kiss your partner when they are down with the flu. You want to prevent any unwanted bacteria from getting into your body at all costs.

But, do you realize that each time you do a WOD with ripped hands, you’re providing a fast and easy entry way for that very bacteria you want to keep out?

One interesting point that very few people know is that when you do extreme types of exercise, which many WOD’s could easily be classified as, you actually begin to suppress your immune system.

While normal everyday exercise – that run in the park, the game of soccer you played with your buddies, or otherwise would boost your immune system, when you push the intensity up, you do the opposite. With your immune system down and an open wound on your hand, you now have that entry point for bacteria to move into. Just think of how many other Crossfit athletes have used the bar you’re gripping so tightly, also with bleeding, cut up hands.  This means any bacteria that was in their body that escaped, now has an entry point into your body.

Basically, if you haven’t had a tetanus shot recently, you had better get one if you plan to workout with Crossfit gloves.

The Risk Of Infection

So this covers the fact you are leaving an open door for bacteria in your body, what if you do become infected? You might think that a little hand wound is nothing that you can’t deal with. But don’t be so sure.  The problem is that bacterial skin infections, especially the ones that occur when bacteria enter a break in the skin, can spread to larger and more significant areas of the body.

If you do become seriously infected, you’ll need to be put on a course of antibiotics in order to heal the wound and get the bacteria out of your system. In some extreme cases, a stay in a hospital may even be necessary to get you back healthy enough to be around others again.

Not only is this inconvenient, but don’t discount the pain associated with rips.  Many people struggle to even fall asleep at night due to the intense burning they feel when they have a rip with an infection.

Taking Steps To Avoid This

So what can be done to help avoid this nasty turn of events?

The smartest step is to simply pick up a pair of Crossfit gloves.  These gloves not only protect your hands from ripping as you grip the bar, but also protect you from any bacteria that may be sitting on the bar from athletes who’ve used it before you. Make sure that you do clean your cloves regularly and as you wear them, avoid touching any open areas of your face such as your eyes, nose, or mouth. Doing so may allow the bacteria that may be on your hands to transfer into your body through those areas.

Be smart with how you train. Protection is available, so it only makes sense to use it. Based of prior reviews and recommendation from numerous athletes and consumers. We recommend to pick up the most popular Crossfit gloves today and put this potentially frightening situation behind you.





Crossfit Gloves: Independent Video Reviews

The Glove Review has done the research for you. We have searched various sources to provide you relevant video resources to educate you on various products found in the use for functional fitness and crossfit workouts.

The Glove Review

(Video Reviews)

StrongerRx RTG Gloves 2.0 by the RxReview

The RxReview had a chance to test out the StrongerRx RTG Gloves the person on the video is preforming many pullups putting the gloves to the test. The user seems to be very pleased with the product as these gloves where voted the top by many users on our independent review earlier this year.


StrongerRx Rumored to come out with a new 3.o Glove

StrongerRx Worldwide Corporation just leaked this and we though we shall share it with you. They are coming out with a new 3.0 Glove to be the best StrongerRx  glove out.

A Review of the Mechanix Original Gloves

A good in depth over view of the Mechanix original gloves illustrates detail by detail features found with this glove.

Under Armour Clean UP IV Batting Gloves / Crossfit Gloves

Although originally a batting glove many have used this in particular workouts associated with crossfit. Although not on the top of this list the video features the glove up close and personal on this particular product.

Fit Four Gloves Review

Not exactly a Crossfit Glove per say, yet it was interesting to see this product up close and see the functionality it offers to the user. This video does a good job illustrating the product.

Gym Paws Beach Workout | Pull Ups | Muscle Ups

Nice video showcasing the functionality of this product. User seems pretty pleased in preforming his pullups and full rotation on the pullup bar.


NewGrip Gloves

Here is a different product that seemed to be used for muti-movements although not tested it was something worth adding. The video shows how the product is used preforming workouts found in crossfit and traditional gyms.

X3 Competition Full Finger WristWrap Gloves

This was unique how this product showcased a double use while a glove used for workout it also had the added feature of wrist support for those in which wanted to add additional wrist protection.


More Videos Coming Soon…