2016 Crossfit Gloves Review

CROSSFIT GLOVES: The good the bad and the ugly.
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Crossfit Gloves In Action

In the world of CrossFit the demand for pure performance is getting more difficult day by day as more athletes merge their natural abilities and training methods to excel in human performance. As athletes seek to shine in the realm of functional fitness, every day they are placing more and more pressure on themselves and on the body. This is taking them to new limits and heights in performance. Protection is a major factor when performing functional exercises. It is critical to understand when and where protection is needed most. In most cases the lumbar area, the knees, shoulders and the hands are areas of the body in which athletes take on stress in their movements. In regards to the hands, fitness gloves also known as CrossFit gloves have been created by several companies to protect the athlete during high friction movements on either the pull up bar or Olympic bars. There are various motions in which athletes experience more stress than others. In the case of gloves, it is a critical tool to use when needed to ensure maximum output and duration of your exercise. Total hand protection is seen most with the use of fitness gloves over other types of accessories seen in the market. This is not an opinion of the writer but facts from the users that have given feedback throughout the world. Whether it’s a pull up or a muscle up and even on a rope climb during various CrossFit exercises gloves tend to have an advantage in protecting the hands giving the ultimate advantage to the athlete.

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Crossfit Gloves Used In Multiple Movements

Every year we undergo an extensive review on various CrossFit gloves to ensure we find the best for you. Thousands of athletes are asked for feedback all around the world in order to determine rankings and overall functions of what you the users think are the best gloves around. We value opinions and take every feedback seriously in order to provide the upmost accurate information on a product as we are dedicated to providing our readers reliable information that will save them time on research and money on bogus and unreliable products. Our last review was done in 2014. Since then we have collected much information to now give you the review for 2016 on new products that have hit the market. The 2016 glove review goes into various factors to determine the best gloves around. As there are many gloves in the market, we not only choose the top few so we do not waste our readers time, but we select the latest ones that you, the athletes choose. In determining our rankings we assess the following factors such as style, design, value, durability, comfort, support, warranty, brand recognition, overall user happiness, protection factor and described as intended. After feedback and evaluation on these various factors, rankings are determined to bring you the best CrossFit gloves for 2016 chosen by you the readers and athletes. We hope you find this informative as you search for information on reliable CrossFit gloves.

2016 Glove Rankings

(2016 Winner)

Crossfit Gloves.jpg

StrongerRx 3.0

StrongerRx launched their 3.0 Gloves early part of 2015 and we must say we are impressed!  The company really means business when it comes to providing top notch quality when it comes to their gloves.

strongerrx.JPGThe StrongerRx 3.0 WOD Gloves comes with anti-Vibration Technology with vibration damping polymers to prevent complete muscle and hand fatigue and improves overall body stability and fluidity. The Gloves’ touch screen technology enables the bearer to conveniently use gloves with most touch screen device- which is a standard feature nowadays. Abrasion resistance science has also been integrated into the gloves to minimize palm callous and prevent hand rips and other skin abrasions. And who can forget the signature StrongerRx Perma-X fabrics that provides the bearer outmost comfort with uncompromised protection. This glove brought forth a unique silicone grip feature for added stability and control on various bars when performing movements. The features are endless. The only drawback many users noted was it could improve the aesthetic appeal of the product. Although it’s a huge improvement from its prior 2.0 glove it is designed for what it is intended to do.  We’ve gotten ourselves a sample pair and took them out for a hard beating. And by hard beating, we mean hours turned to days turned to weeks of Box time.

strongerrx gloves.JPG

StrongerRx Gloves

As expected, the gloves were as tough and impressive as the company claimed they would be. Hand protection was delivered exceptionally and superior grip was sustained all throughout each workout. At the end of each WOD, our hands felt fatigue but definitely looked as if nothing was conquered. To simply put it short, the StrongerRx 3.0 WOD Gloves is not just a pair of gloves to help drive away those nasty blisters, but an overall innovation that enhances your workout to a whole new level. Overall value support durability and protection factor all take very good ratings in which enable us to read these gloves as the number one gloves for 2016. Once again they did it two years ago with the original RTG glove and have proven themselves with this innovative gloves designed for the impacts of functional fitness. Offered by many retailers you can typically find this glove directly on the manufactured website www.StrongerRx.com

Special Note For Our Readers: We have just heard StrongerRx has come out with a new model called LT-15 Glove. It has yet to be reviewed but the company claims as well as their own market testers to be the top glove for fitness. They have rolled out a new program on the LT-15 model offering everyone that purchases one while in the program, it will be the last glove they will ever buy. If anything happens to the glove they will replace it immediately for life. Strong statement from StrongerRx. But hey, from a company that has been producing top gloves for the last 5 years this seems quite promising. We will update you once we have had a strong sample size to review this new model. Although we have found nothing on the official site yet we found an amazon listing on this program. StrongerRx ForeverGlove Program

Updated September 3rd 2016:

*This product has yet to be reviewed  yet we have noticed very positive reviews via Amazon and would like to share with our readers the company’s latest glove. Now available via its website.  Here is a sneak peek at the LT – 15. image

At $79.97 Its comes with a hefty price tag but given the fact that includes the replacement program and backed by this specialty glove company it’s well worth it knowing a brand new glove it’s just clicks away.

 2nd Place

Crossfit Gloves 2.jpg

Reebok CrossFit Glove

Now Reebok has been in the CrossFit game since day 1, and they sure know how to move within the ropes of the sport. The Reebok CrossFit Glove has once again made a name for itself as one of the top CrossFit gloves available in the market out there. Reebok CrossFit glove promises high material mix for hardworking reliability, elastane stretch fabric with mesh inserts located between each finger to ensure breathability and ventilation, PlayDry tech wicks sweat to help provide skin comfort , and of course Reebok’s Goat Leather Palm feature that promises to deliver enhanced grip throughout your workout.  We really commend Reebok for having gloves with respect to aesthetic and overall comfortability, but the performance and durability speaks a whole different story. As the official brand of CrossFit. And developing a CrossFit glove for the athletes. The Reebok CrossFit Gloves are like by many yet disappointed some when they took them to the box to for a day’s work out. Overall grip made possible by the Goat Leather Palm technology was on point, but overall durability can be improved – two or three weeks of hard use in the box will leave you with damaged gloves, or even worse damaged hands. The Reebok CrossFit Glove is priced at a premium compared to their other gloves for CrossFit training. But it’s features looks and overall hand protection helped bring this glove to the number two spot. You will see it’s constructed a very light fabric for added ventilation and comfort hence this could be part of the durability issue but they do have one nice glove. In terms of hand protection after various and multiple uses many users have claimed to experienced sore and tender hands and in many cases rips. Although it does what it’s intended to do because of these factors we could not give this the number one spot. You can find these gloves directly at Reebok.com

3rd Place 

 crossfit gloves 3.jpg

Harbinger X3 Competition Wristwrap Glove

You don’t really have to question the credibility of a product when its made by Harbinger. In the weightlifting business, you know Harbinger is where it is from its excellent line up of performance products. These guys have been around forever and are known in constructing some real nice stuff.  Now let’s talk about the company’s X3 Competition Wristwrap Gloves. Harbinger flaunts its HumanX’s proprietary multi-function WristWrap which offers tight-to-loose tensioning for strong wrist support and overall improved stability. What we really want to highlight here is Harbinger’s SpiderGrip™ real  Leather technology which assures the bearer to superior grip in and out of the gym, especially when used with chalk. Trying on a pair during a week’s worth of workout, our opinion is pretty straightforward. First off, the grip is excellent, especially when used with chalk – yes we even dedicated a whole day to test this chalk theory. You can really feel the toughness and durability of Harbinger’s SpiderGrip™ real leather technology throughout the whole motion of each repetition.

x3 gloves.JPG

Crossfit Glove

Same goes to the wristwrap feature. However, what we saw as a minor hiccup is the aesthetic built and comfortability it delivers. When worn, your hands would definitely feel protected but at the same time the fit was a little bit too snug, which compromises movement fluidity.  If you are someone who enjoys the fruits of a good workout securely and efficiently without minding the sense of comfort, then this might be the perfect pair you would want to grab for yourself. In terms of value these crossfit gloves is priced a bit more than what we would like it to be. Certain things to take note after multiple uses the gloves durability tends to lack in terms of strength as many users experienced rips and tears of the gloves. Although we commend the grip these gloves bring once again these gloves will give you very sore and tender hands especially if the size is not correct. The protection factor is there yet after multiple repetitions especially in competitions many users have claimed they simply have had to take it off due to the bunching of material that stretches in use over time. This results in obstruction of correct movement of the hands. But overall this glove took the number 3 spot due to grips, looks, comfort and reputation. You can find these gloves directly at the manufacture website www.harbingerfitness.com

 4th Place

crossfit gloves 4.jpg

Rocktape G – Gloves

 Looks can be deceiving   -this is what we have observed with the Rocktape G – Gloves. Plain looking and hence definitely does not leave a very impressionable mark on the design department, especially now that most competitors would never leave out the aesthetics of the products compromised. But then again, this is a minor thing to consider and isn’t really a drawback that sets it apart from the other top gloves in the functional fitness market. Now moving on to the more important aspect of the Gloves – usability .The Gloves’ para –cord pull strap provides an excellent snug fit for your hand which really does feel as if the Gloves are embedded into your hand – it gives the bearer that ol’ natural feeling. The gloves are feels lightweight, although they do not entirely protect the hands from callouses and tears, the gloves are definitely one of the best to consider with respect to breathability and overall movement fluidity. The Rocktape G – Gloves’ synthetic palm material goes excellent with gym chalk, adding that extra needed grip for your workouts. Although, based on personally testing the product, the gloves would need a little more grip points to be ahead of the game against its competitors. Without chalk, grip feels sluggish and does not pave way for added confidence to the bearer.

rocktape.JPGAlthough, durability is somewhat there, after intensive days spent in the box, you can notice some significant damage to the gloves. Comfortable they are, but materials used are so light and soft it definitely compromises the durability factor here. As a shoe all things wear-and-tear especially after use so please make note nothing last forever but again many users have claimed these particular issues. We also observed there are some users that have a tendency of performing movements slightly different in which can result in rips and tears from the top of the glove. Nevertheless, it’s a good glove just to have them throw in your gym bag in use when needed. We have seen the price of these gloves gone down in the last year. Not sure why as we do know they were one of the most expensive gloves in the market. The RockTape G-gloves takes the #4 spot in the functional fitness, crossfit gloves category by terms of comfort, it’s unique strap gives the user a great sense of usability, it’s a lightweight feel and brings a medium hand protection factor. This is still a very good performing glove but we could not have taken it past the number for Mark due to the various factors we came across. You can find these gloves directly at the manufacturer’s website www.rocktape.com

 5th Place

crossfit gloves 5.jpg

Rouge Mechanic Gloves

With over 20 years of experience in making high performance work gloves, you know it’s a good thing to see Mechanix join the functional fitness market. Clearly you have a match made in heaven when you have one of the top brands in the CrossFit Business team up with one of the most reputable brands in making heavy duty Gloves.The Rouge Mechanic Gloves comes in both beauty and brawn. By just simply looking at a pair, you know that Gloves like these are meant to last every last rep of every set. Let’s start with the good shall we. The material of the gloves seem very strong. The vented feature helps keep hands comfortable, even during the longest and sweatiest of workouts. Also, the breathable material helps prevent the gloves from soaking up your hands or even worse, stinking up your gym bag. Another thing worth mentioning about the Rouge.


Mechanix Gloves is the durability of the material. Of course, from a maker of gloves made for firearms, you would expect something that won’t let you down even when used while sliding down meters from a top of a rope or even doing a hundred reps of pull ups.  When you talk about durability and sturdiness, true enough, the Rouge Mechanix Gloves are a pair worthy of appraisal. However, the disappointment with this particular pair, or should I say drawback, is the stitching pattern of the gloves. Some have reported to have their pair’s stitching coming apart 3-6 weeks after heavy usage. But then again, this can depend on how recklessly the gloves were used or abused. The durability factor is a plus as these gloves are so sturdy and rough it affects many other factors associated in the movements of functional fitness and use. It seems by the comments of many users wrote Rouge has simply used a glove made for mechanic use and is marketing as something that can be used for crossfit and general fitness effectively. This glove lacks fluidity all over. It’s not a glove that you can simply wiggle your fingers effortlessly and move throughout movements how the hand is intended to be. Although this glove is excellent to be under a car or truck rubbing with metal and other objects we simply cannot rank this higher than the #5 spot. Durability and manufacturing make this a very tough glove but again you can’t simply perform accurate movements effortlessly or comfortable with the gloves. We also had comments on blisters and mild skin abrasions when using these gloves in the area of the big R. that Rouge has asked Mechanix to place and give it a more aesthetic look to the glove. Although this glove can be used for functional fitness it does have its setbacks and if you are extremely critical on these particular factors this might not be the glove for you nevertheless if you want to glove that will last and can break walls this definitely would be a glove of choice. You can find these gloves directly at the manufacturer’s website www.roguefitness.com

 6th Place

 crossfit gloves 6.jpg

HumanX X3 Competition 3/4 Finger Gloves

There are three features of that the HumanX X3 Competition ¾ Finger Gloves that are worth highlighting. First is Harbinger’s a reinforced load-bearing thumb design and secure NeoTek pull patch that promises ample protection and a secure, customizable fit. The second thing that takes the HumanX X3 Competition ¾ Finger Gloves ahead of the game is the ¾ finger length design that allows the bearer a natural and accurate workout feel, especially when working on sets that require maximum grip. Lastly, is the fact that these crossfit particular the gloves works decently with chalk. Although, what may have disappointed us is Harbinger’s “SpiderGrip” leather technology which supposedly translates a durable and sturdy material. When brought to the box, after a couple of rope climbs and a hundred reps of pull ups, the gloves showed some signs, although not significant, of impairment. The gloves however did provide a decent grip and the ¾ finger length was indeed helpful for that added accuracy when lifting. If you’re new to CrossFit and are still trying to accustom yourself to its fundamentals, then we highly recommend this pair for you, after all as mentioned earlier, Harbinger is where it is from its excellent line up of performance products. Although we do not have enough information on various half finger gloves for functional fitness this one we did have enough user feedback to place it on the list as the number #6 spot. Factors include lightweight material, medium hand protection, and adequate durability yet some users have complained for these gloves to come apart fairly quick. Overall it’s a decent glove really more fit for the have finger category yet we have included this in our list due to the user feedback we acquired and for this glove almost being a complete full finger. Be careful when putting on the glove if your hand is swollen or if the glove is tight as pulling it from the bottom palm area has resulted in complete tears in rips of the glove. Although the critical analysis this is still a good glove to use when needed. You can find this glove directly on the manufactured website.

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Crossfit Gloves Analysis 2014

Crossfit Gloves: What are they?
New Crossfit Gloves for 2015 | Dangers of Ripping your Hands | Crossfit Gloves Video Reviews | Glove Reviews

[Updated: November 1st, 2015]

With the recent popularity in the sport of Crossfit many people that participate in movements that cause extreme friction in the hands. Almost any one from beginners to professional games athletes have experienced a rip to bursting bloody hands. Luckily, there are gloves out there that help protect and minimize the possibility of ending up with bloody hands. Many have asked. What are the best Crossfit Gloves? We have done the digging and searched for the best Crossfit Gloves in the Market. Out of many gloves in the marketplace the choice was difficult, to find glove we can call Crossfit gloves that perform well for the demands of Crossfit. We came across nine gloves that work and summarize the good the bad and the ugly and ranked them in terms of value, comfort, protection, durability and overall use.

**(The Winner)**

The StrongerRx RTG Gloves

Crossfit Gloves

The StrongerRx RTG Glove took the number one spot in terms of value, comfort, style, durability and performance. We have seen this brand come out in popularity within the Crossfit community and we have been eyeing this glove for sometime. This not only has it had excellent reviews by many users; most users have claimed they cannot exercise without them. The StrongerRx RTG Gloves comes in it’s Elite Series and Competition Edition which added a different stitching for even more durability. This glove takes the winner category. Versatile material to perform almost every movement you give it. The StrongerRx RTG Gloves is also known for a comfortable fit, and protecting the hands completely as it delivers performance for any demanding WOD. Another factor that gives a good boost for the StrongerRx’s RTG Gloves is the fact that it comes in three colors, Black, Yellow and Pink for the ladies of CrossFit out there. You can find the StrongerRx RTG Gloves in many retail shops or you can visit their website at www.StrongerRx.com. (As of Jan 1st 2015) StrongerRx has come out with a new 3.0 Glove in which we have yet to review).

(Rank 2)

The Reebok Crossfit Glove

The Reebok Crossfit Glove

The Reebok CrossFit Glove takes the number 2 spot.  They perform nicely for certain grips and feel very comfortable for use during the workouts. Aside from the big name it carries, this pair of gloves really delivers in terms of protection and comfort. This glove is used by many of the top athletes in the Crossfit Games. But, as we found out Reebok provides them the items for free during the games. As they do perform well for the given sport, many users have commented they are really nothing more than glorified batting gloves due to the light leather is carries on the palm. Now don’t be fooled we evaluated many new styles of Reebok’s crossfit gloves. There are new lower priced models Reebok has recently come out with making them with a thicker goatskin leather. Many users where not convinced and did not come close on ranking on the review list. Yet many other users have still commented it has protected their hands and assisted in performing hand intensive movements during a WOD. The Rebbock Crossfit Glove can be found at http://shop.reebok.com/us/

(Rank 3)

Under Armor Nitro Gloves

 Under Armor Nitro Gloves

Under Armor Nitro Gloves takes the number three spot. These gloves are built to take a beating. Yet they can perform well in Crossfit exercises. Many users have commented the glove would be better suited for baseball or football yet many people still love it for CrossFit. Given the fact the glove is a bit bulky in grip and can cause additional space in grip resulting in the user fighting for grip in pullups. For bar work or lifts this glove feels and performs great and protects the hand fairly well. Having to lift or WoD with damaged hands is of course out of the question with this pair. The pair of gloves comes in various sizes with color red and black , the perfect color to represent rage and intensity. The Under Armor Nitro Gloves can be found at http://www.underarmour.com

(Rank 4)

Rebook VR6000 Gloves

Rebook VR6000 Gloves

Reebok VR6000 Gloves: CrossFit known for its diversity and as well as the intensity it has to offer in the world of sports.  Just like any other sport, it is most preferred to have the appropriate gear that would help you perform optimally. The VR600 CrossFit Games Glove from Reebok  that promises not only protecting your hands from getting ripped but also enhances repetitions and overall performance.

It is without a doubt that Reebok has played and continue to play a huge role in the context of CrossFit, The pair of gloves delivers seamless palm technology which utilizes world class cabretta leather. Cabretta leather provides breathable texture as well as a repellent to moisture which provides comfort for the user. As tried and tested, the Reebok VR600 helps protect the hands to some extent.  When put into the test in doing pull ups, kips and rope climbs, the gloves did give some level of protection but not to what it was expected of. A decent pair of gloves that may be used for the everyday WoD but not the perfect pair of gloves that we would personally recommend for the avid CrossFitter. Other pairs of gloves that are made for CrossFit should be taken into consideration before settling with Reebok’s VR6000. You could check the gloves out for yourself and let us know what you think.

(Rank 5)

Bionic Gloves

Bionic Gloves

Bionic Gloves took the number 5 spot. While performing as expected the glove had a great feel and delivered quite respectable results. Downside was excessive sweat made the glove a bit slippery on the inside during a hot and extensive WOD preventing full grip on bars. The material was strong and versatile yet padding on the grips, which was supposedly added for extra protection made it real difficult to obtain a natural grip after a while of use. In other reviews, we have read that the Bionic Gloves does not give out that comfortable hugging fit to the wrist during movements. Anyone interested to give this pair a good testing on the bars could get them from http://www.bionicgloves.com/

(Rank 6)

The Nike Alpha Structure Lifting Glove


THE NIKE ALPHA STRUCTURE LIFTING GLOVES dominates 6th place in our books. We know Nike as one of the pioneering brands in the sports department, not only that, Nike is also popular for its quality and great looking products. Although, with the Nike Alpha Structure Lifting gloves look just like any other lifting gloves with a check on them, if you ask us. The gloves are well snug and feels great when worn. The fabric on the gloves are well crafted as to serve protection to the hands, mainly the palm area. Here’s the verdict, if you’re a person who loves hitting the gym and work on some sets of presses and curls, then this pair would definitely be a good workout partner for you.

But if you are the person who would take frequent visits to the local box and hit a couple of kips, pull-ups and even muscle ups, then you would be better off with a different pair. In one review, the material used in the Nike Alpha Structure Lifting Gloves would, in time, tear and expose the inner layer – when used regularly of course. You can easily grab a pair from http://store.nike.com and experience the pros and cons yourself.

(Rank 7)

Mechanix Gloves


Mechanix Gloves: built for racing and hardcore construction activities the glove performs somewhat well in crossfit. This company builds gloves built for heavy workmanship. Your hands feel safe in heavy movements such as sledgehammer work and tire flips yet it lacks the proper grip and protection on many bars. It is important to know that unlike racing, the sport of CrossFit demands full range motions of the body which the Mechanix Gloves perform adequately. Furthermore, many users have reported the lack of protection the gloves deliver in some cases. Torn hands would still be a probably result from using this pair in some cases which brings the ranking lower in our scale.

(Rank 8)

  Gorilla Grips


Gorilla Grips: Don’t let the looks fool you. Despite it’s simplicity in terms of design, the Gorilla-Grips, a product and at the same time a brand on its own, promises its users a farewell to sweaty palms, calluses, slippage, and basically anything that restrains the everyday athlete from getting the best out of each workout. The Gorilla-Grips, brands itself as an “all-around” workout partner, regardless of the sport – may it be mountain biking, weight-lifting , or kettle bell training. For those CrossFit enthusiast out there, you may ask “does the Gorilla-Grips suitable for CrossFit as well?”.   Yes, tried and tested from our end, this pair of grips may be best recommended for lifting kettle bells or even doing a couple reps of pull-ups, but for WoDing – that’s a whole different story, hence, placing itself in the near bottom position in our charts. Being a pair of grips and not a pair of gloves, comfort is definitely out of the question. Comparing it to one of the better pairs of CrossFit hand wears . You can get a pair from http://gorilla-grips.co.uk/

(Rank 9)

HarbingerPro WristWrap Gloves 


HarbingerPro WristWrap Gloves more suited for a traditional gym product this gloves perform very well in isolation exercises with bar work such as the bench press. They protect the hands of many users but in Crossfit this gloves falls short to perform in the dynamic nature of the movement found in Crossfit. Your hands may be protected from scratches and harsh friction against the bar, but it wont protect you from ending up with hand fatigue due to the excess padding. This particular pair may be used in the normal lifting motions but you may want to reconsider a pair that is really meant for the intensity of CrossFit. Overall use as a Crossfit Glove is adequate.

Disclaimer: Rankings are determined from sampling and surveys of over 2500 Crossfit Athletes. Each Glove was personally tested by the staff of the glove review team over a 5 month period. CrossFit® is an exercise program owned by CrossFit Inc. The CrossFit trademark is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. The Glove Review is not affiliated with the CrossFit trademark and does not sell merchandise or any that carries the Crossfit Brand. They do not sponsor our reviews nor are endorsed by CrossFit, Inc or any of its subsidiaries including CrossFit Journal, CrossFit Kids or the CrossFit Games.
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Crossfit Gloves to Use or Not?

Crossfit Gloves: To use or not to use?

The use of gloves for CrossFit can often be a hot topic. Pose a question regarding gloves and you’ll inevitably find someone comment from the “Real CrossFitter’s don’t wear gloves” standpoint. Much like wearing a belt when needed (believe it or not this use to be a hot topic within the CrossFit community as well), the use of gloves has become just as common and accepted. The answer on whether or not gloves are helpful comes down to what an athlete is comfortable with, and what they want to achieve with any given workout.

Crossfit Gloves

Think of your gym bag as your toolbox. Sometimes you need a wrench and sometimes you don’t. In some cases, that wrench may take the form of a pair of gloves (something you can also find in a toolbox, but you get the point). Using gloves in CrossFit has been a hotly debated issue for some time now. Many will swear by them while others will forgo their use entirely. One need only look at the many blogs and forums online that discuss the pros and cons of using these accessories to see that this is a relevant query for many CrossFitters.

crossfit gloves 2

One particular goal for athletes is to fatigue the muscles during exercise to improve muscular endurance. Sustaining a ruptured palm or bloody hand can hinder this goal, forcing the athlete to slowdown or even stop altogether. In such instances, using a glove would certainly be an attractive option for these athletes.
There are other CrossFitters who won’t use them for a myriad of reasons. These include:

  • Annoyance of excess material on the hands
  • The desire to build callouses for stronger skin
  • It’s not ‘macho’
  • Can produce hand fatigue

Some reasons to use gloves or have them handy in your gym toolbox pertain to all. There are professionals who just can’t have their hands ripped or exposed in the workplace. This can be for practical reasons as the nature of an individual’s work may require the full use of their hands, but it can also relate to business etiquette—shaking hands with someone who has tears and bandages covering their palms isn’t exactly professional.

Safety is an important factor in any sport.  For example, the evolution of helmets and pads in football was crucial to increasing safety for players. There was a time when training with weight belts was frowned upon in the CrossFit community, but with the evolution of the sport and the increased demands on athletes, utilizing products such as weight belts to reduce the risk of injury is now a common sight. The same can be said for gloves. Last year during the CrossFit Games we saw numerous athletes sporting gloves as the athletes realized their value and used them when needed.

crossfit gloves 3

As an athlete, you should take a page from the Games competitors and use gloves during workouts and exercises that you feel they will be beneficial. If you are performing one rep maxes, low volume movements or even trying to develop rough hands, you don’t really need to use gloves. However, if you are looking to do high volume toes-to-bar or rope climbs, you may want to consider putting a pair on. If you’ve had trouble in the past with tears from specific movements, then it makes sense to invest in some form of hand protection to ensure that your performance doesn’t suffer, and you can come back fresh the next day.

Not all gloves are created equal and very few cater to the demands of CrossFitters or the specific movements the sport brings. Both Reebok and StrongerRx make glove specifically tailored for this—find the one matches your needs and consider buying a pair.

Remember, your gym bag is your tool box. Sometimes you need a wrench, sometimes you need a screwdriver. Sometimes you need a belt, sometimes you need those gloves.



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Crossfit Gloves Uses

crossfit gloves

Common Gloves Used in Crossfit Exercises

**(Be sure to check out the official glove review by: You, the users)**

Crossfit Gloves

The Stronger Rx RTG Glove took the number one spot in terms of value, comfort, style…. Click Here

Crossfit Gloves:

May it be basketball, boxing, or even tennis, a sport is best played when we have the appropriate safety gear. In the case of CrossFit, having the perfect pair of gloves is the first step of ensuring CrossFitters or even weightlifters the proper motion, benefit, and protection from whatever workout. CrossFit, unlike most sports, demands heavy movement and motion of the wrist and hands. One very essential safety measure that crossfitters do seem to under appreciate is wearing a good pair of CrossFit gloves, which is a huge mistake. It’s a shame though that a good number of crossfitters don’t adhere to this kind of practice, as apparently having torn hands is “badass”. With this kind of disbelief, I guess being a “CrossFit badass” means having to skip days or a week of WoD due to injured hands, and affect your overall progress in the sport – not worth the trade-off.  Just live by the basic idea that the more protected your hands are, the longer and better will you work on them killer WoDs or workout of the day.

CrossFit is no joke – it’s  the perfect mix of weightlifting and surviving the Zombie apocalypse. It’s hardcore. On a serious note though, CrossFit is a demanding sport which can definitely injure and leave you with damaged and torn hands when not done carefully and properly.
Crossfit GLoves


Food for thought, especially for those new in the sport of CrossFit, ripped hands can and will stop you from reaching your true potential. Below are a couple of reasons why ripped hands aren’t “badass” , or another way to put it, here are a couple of reasons why gloves are needed for CrossFit.

  1. Torn hands will stop you from executing a good workout. Wounded or torn callouses will mean less explosive reps and hence lousy results. It is a fact that once you get injured, your mind will tell your body to take it easy, and your body will unconsciously reciprocate your mind and overall compromise the supposedly explosiveness of your workout.
  2. Ripped hands will stop you from reaching progress. One of the very reasons why we immerse ourselves in a sport, is because we want to improve ourselves physically and/or even mentally and given so, we cannot achieve this if we have injured hands. To simply put it, ripped hands will mean less time in the box – which could have been time used for improvement.
  3. A total hassle – having ripped hands doesn’t only mean inconvenience in the box. Just imagine having to drive, go to work, take a bathe, eat with chopsticks and the list goes on and on. Enough said.

Crossfit GLoves


We have this pair of gloves referred by a friend, that pair that shows itself in google the most, and that pair that looks simply badass, and of course who could forget that pair that is really questionably affordable .  Yes, we have a lot of choices when it comes down to style, price, and availability, and we tend to overlook the fact that the pair we should be looking for is the pair that gives us the best kind of protection. Looking for the right pair shouldn’t compromise the level of protection over style, price, or for whatever reason. Seek for protection and quality more than anything else.

Crossfit GLoves1


In the CrossFit community, hand grips are known to be a popular alternative to gloves – which  are purposely made for the same reason. Hand grips are a good alternative, they are light, easy to put on, and sometimes cheaper. But is it safe to say that they deliver the same amount or even more benefits to the bearer as compared to wearing CrossFit gloves? Yes, hand grips are easier to clean (in most cases), and easier to wear, but they do have their cons. Obviously, grips only cover a certain portion of your hand and sometimes a fraction of your palm ,not as compared to an actual pair of CrossFit gloves, which provides protection to the whole palm area and the vulnerable areas of your fingers – which is a big deal by the way. Hand grips are sometimes sportier to look at, but what most grips on the market today tend to sacrifice is the motion of the movement. What is meant by this? basically, hand grips are designed to be worn by only a portion of your hand, hence delivers that unnatural feel to the bearer , and unconsciously affects the motion and movement needed to successfully execute a repetition. And there are some grips which are made of enforced rubber which makes the material too thick which in return creates a significant isolated feel from the bar which again affects overall form and motion.

Crossfit GLoves2


  1. Gloves will prevent injury which will cost you medication and time.
  2. Protected hands means more hours, more reps, more explosiveness on the bars.
  3. When buying gloves, go for quality and safety, then you may proceed to style and price and what not.
  4. Don’t be a “badass”. Grow a pair and get a pair.
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