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crossfit gloves

Common Gloves Used in Crossfit Exercises

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Crossfit Gloves

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Crossfit Gloves:

May it be basketball, boxing, or even tennis, a sport is best played when we have the appropriate safety gear. In the case of CrossFit, having the perfect pair of gloves is the first step of ensuring CrossFitters or even weightlifters the proper motion, benefit, and protection from whatever workout. CrossFit, unlike most sports, demands heavy movement and motion of the wrist and hands. One very essential safety measure that crossfitters do seem to under appreciate is wearing a good pair of CrossFit gloves, which is a huge mistake. It’s a shame though that a good number of crossfitters don’t adhere to this kind of practice, as apparently having torn hands is “badass”. With this kind of disbelief, I guess being a “CrossFit badass” means having to skip days or a week of WoD due to injured hands, and affect your overall progress in the sport – not worth the trade-off.  Just live by the basic idea that the more protected your hands are, the longer and better will you work on them killer WoDs or workout of the day.

CrossFit is no joke – it’s  the perfect mix of weightlifting and surviving the Zombie apocalypse. It’s hardcore. On a serious note though, CrossFit is a demanding sport which can definitely injure and leave you with damaged and torn hands when not done carefully and properly.
Crossfit GLoves


Food for thought, especially for those new in the sport of CrossFit, ripped hands can and will stop you from reaching your true potential. Below are a couple of reasons why ripped hands aren’t “badass” , or another way to put it, here are a couple of reasons why gloves are needed for CrossFit.

  1. Torn hands will stop you from executing a good workout. Wounded or torn callouses will mean less explosive reps and hence lousy results. It is a fact that once you get injured, your mind will tell your body to take it easy, and your body will unconsciously reciprocate your mind and overall compromise the supposedly explosiveness of your workout.
  2. Ripped hands will stop you from reaching progress. One of the very reasons why we immerse ourselves in a sport, is because we want to improve ourselves physically and/or even mentally and given so, we cannot achieve this if we have injured hands. To simply put it, ripped hands will mean less time in the box – which could have been time used for improvement.
  3. A total hassle – having ripped hands doesn’t only mean inconvenience in the box. Just imagine having to drive, go to work, take a bathe, eat with chopsticks and the list goes on and on. Enough said.

Crossfit GLoves


We have this pair of gloves referred by a friend, that pair that shows itself in google the most, and that pair that looks simply badass, and of course who could forget that pair that is really questionably affordable .  Yes, we have a lot of choices when it comes down to style, price, and availability, and we tend to overlook the fact that the pair we should be looking for is the pair that gives us the best kind of protection. Looking for the right pair shouldn’t compromise the level of protection over style, price, or for whatever reason. Seek for protection and quality more than anything else.

Crossfit GLoves1


In the CrossFit community, hand grips are known to be a popular alternative to gloves – which  are purposely made for the same reason. Hand grips are a good alternative, they are light, easy to put on, and sometimes cheaper. But is it safe to say that they deliver the same amount or even more benefits to the bearer as compared to wearing CrossFit gloves? Yes, hand grips are easier to clean (in most cases), and easier to wear, but they do have their cons. Obviously, grips only cover a certain portion of your hand and sometimes a fraction of your palm ,not as compared to an actual pair of CrossFit gloves, which provides protection to the whole palm area and the vulnerable areas of your fingers – which is a big deal by the way. Hand grips are sometimes sportier to look at, but what most grips on the market today tend to sacrifice is the motion of the movement. What is meant by this? basically, hand grips are designed to be worn by only a portion of your hand, hence delivers that unnatural feel to the bearer , and unconsciously affects the motion and movement needed to successfully execute a repetition. And there are some grips which are made of enforced rubber which makes the material too thick which in return creates a significant isolated feel from the bar which again affects overall form and motion.

Crossfit GLoves2


  1. Gloves will prevent injury which will cost you medication and time.
  2. Protected hands means more hours, more reps, more explosiveness on the bars.
  3. When buying gloves, go for quality and safety, then you may proceed to style and price and what not.
  4. Don’t be a “badass”. Grow a pair and get a pair.
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