Dangers Of Ripping Your Hands In Crossfit Workouts

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Dangers Of Ripping Your Hands In Crossfit Workouts

As you gear up to complete your WOD’s it’s important to consider your safety and comfort. Too many Crossfit athletes simply choose to grind and bare it, putting their hand through unnecessary damage and putting up with far more pain than they really need to bare. Not only that, many don’t even realize some of the negative consequences that can come from not protecting their hands using a quality pair of Crossfit gloves.

Some think that not using gloves will ‘toughen them up’, when really, all it’s likely to do is sideline them and prevent optimal performance.

Want more information as to why you should be wearing Crossfit gloves? Here is something to consider.

You’re Creating An Entry Way For Bacteria

You take care and wash your hands after you go to the washroom and do not kiss your partner when they are down with the flu. You want to prevent any unwanted bacteria from getting into your body at all costs.

But, do you realize that each time you do a WOD with ripped hands; you’re providing a fast and easy entry way for that very bacterium you want to keep out?

One interesting point that very few people know is that when you do extreme types of exercise, in which many WOD’s could easily be classified as, you actually begin to suppress your immune system in those particular moments.

While normal everyday exercise – that run in the park, the game of soccer you played with your buddies, or otherwise would boost your immune system, when you push the intensity up, you do the opposite. With your immune system down and an open wound on your hand, you now have that entry point for bacteria to move into. Just think of how many other Crossfit athletes have used the bar you’re gripping so tightly, also with bleeding, cut up hands. This means any bacteria that was in their body has escaped, now has an entry point into your body.

Basically, if you haven’t had a tetanus shot recently, you had better get one if you plan to workout with Crossfit gloves.

The Risk Of Infection

So this covers the fact you are leaving an open door for bacteria in your body, what if you do become infected? You might think that a little hand wound is something that you can deal with. But don’t be so sure.  The problem is that bacterial skin infections, especially the ones that occur when bacteria enter a break in the skin, can spread to larger and more significant areas of the body.

If you do become seriously infected, you’ll need to be put on a course of antibiotics in order to heal the wound and get the bacteria out of your system. In some extreme cases, a stay in a hospital may even be necessary.

Not only is this inconvenient, but don’t discount the pain associated with rips.  Many people struggle to even fall asleep at night due to the intense burning they feel when they have a rip with an infection.

Taking Steps To Avoid This

So what can be done to help avoid these nasty turn of events?

The smartest step is to simply pick up a pair of Crossfit gloves.  These gloves not only protect your hands from ripping as you grip the bar, but also protect you from any bacteria that may be sitting on the bar from athletes who’ve used it before you. Make sure that you clean your gloves regularly and as you wear them, avoid touching any open areas of your face such as your eyes, nose, or mouth. Doing so may allow the bacteria that may be on your hands to transfer into your body through those areas.

Be smart with how you train. Protection is available, so it only makes sense to use it. Based on prior reviews and recommendation from numerous athletes and consumers. We recommend to pick up the most popular Crossfit gloves today and put this potentially frightening situation behind you.

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