Gloves for Crossfit Athletes

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New Funtional Fitness Gloves for 2015

Crossfit Gloves designed for your WoDs.

Love them or hate them crossfit gloves are gaining popularity among athletes day in a day out. With the recent outcry by many athletes tearing their hands many just don’t want to take that unnecessary abuse to get in an effective workout. Now nothing comes more real to when an athlete is in competition and suffers a hand rip. Its not fun, it can hold you back and it can cost you the win. Thankfully many companies out in the marketplace have provided some good and some real bad gloves. Here we are going to list the some good gloves new to 2015 based on user reviews and comments so far this year.

Since January 2015:

StrongerRx Worldwide introduced the new 3.0 Glove. MSRP 48$

Image result for crossfit gloves

Reebok Introduced a new look to there existing crossfit glove line. MSRP 50$

Image result for crossfit gloves

Harbinger Introduced its X3 Competition Wrist Wrap Glove. MSRP 50$


Rocktape Introduced its G-Gloves. MSRP 45$

Image result for crossfit gloves

Above many, these brand names have been around for sometime and have demonstrated dependability and quality products, in which we felt comfortable in showcasing these as new crossfit glove products for 2015. As new items styles or design come to market in 2015 we will make sure to let you know here.  Not all gloves are created equal as these have yet to be reviewed by a large enough sample. We can safely say pick one that will work for you and enjoy. Most importantly protect those hands from those nasty burns and rips.

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